Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The D Word

"Sliding into first and your pants begin to burst . . . " You know how the song goes, right?! That might as well have become our theme song here in the world of Ellie! We just spent the last three weeks dealing with the nasty rotavirus, which for Ellie meant a slight fever and LOTS of diarrhea. She had it for a week, was well for a week, and got it again for another entire week. The entire process was messy and inconvenient as she couldn't attend daycare, but through it all you would have never really known she was sick at all if it weren't for her bottom. She was as happy as could be and enjoyed spending extra time at home with mommy, daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and Nana who all took turns caring for her. I'm glad to say all is well again.

In the midst of the nasty virus, Ellie started in her new class at school. She is just blossoming in there as she has been opened up to so many new and exciting activities. Her teacher is great, a younger gal named Miss Amanda and Ellie has taken to her right away. We already have quite the collection of art projects and paintings as they do one every day in her class. She LOVES sitting at the table in her own little chair to eat too. I think her favorite thing in the new class however is the outside play time. When I arrive to pick her up, her class is out on the playground. It's so weird to see her out there climbing on the equipment and playing outside like a big girl! Because she loves it so much, it's hard to get her to leave so we usually spend 20-30 minutes playing together on the playground before I drag her off crying. She is doing great though and it's fun to hear the big kids and teachers call her by name now and tell her goodbye. We are just so blessed to have such a great place to take her everyday!

Easter came in the midst of nasty cold weather and snowflakes so Ellie wasn't too keen on the two or three Easter Egg hunts we dragged her to. I thought she would love to pick up the pretty eggs off the ground, but instead she just stood there looking at them and pointing at them, afraid to pick them up and then cried. Aunt Amy and I tried to get her to see the fun in it but she wanted nothing of the eggs or the giant Easter Bunny running around. Her cousins however did enjoy the hunts and Joey was lucky enough to find the grand prize egg which won him a brand new bike at the Easter Egg Hunt we went to on his birthday! What a special 6th birthday!!

Last weekend mommy had a meeting in Cleveland so we took a family trip there and stayed with Aunt Renee and her family for the weekend. Ellie enjoyed playing with her big cousins Sarah, Kristen and Evan and especially loved their big dog Tucker. Their stairs and piano were also a great source of fun and adventure as she hasn't had a lot of experience with either before. The weekend was too short but luckily it isn't too far away so we can visit again soon.

Sunday is Ellie's first birthday and I can hardly believe it! I can still remember almost every detail of the day she was born. Stay tuned soon for lots of fun birthday pictures. Here are a few more videos: