Friday, July 27, 2007

Eleanor and Honest Abe

Every summer we travel to Akron for the Akron Cup tournament with vintage base ball on the ground of Stan Hywet Hall. As always, president Lincoln attends the festivities and last summer we had Ellie's picture taken with him. I hope to continue this tradition every year although Ellie was a little unsure about her meeting this year!

Last summer:

This summer:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summertime Slackers

Well, as several people have recently reminded me, I have been a slacker with Ellie's blog. It's summer and besides truly being busy at the beginning of the summer with a HUGE time-consuming commitment I undertook, we have been busy traveling and just hanging out enjoying those long, hot summer days! Ellie has gone to "half-time" daycare this summer so that mommy can spend extra time with her while she's off for the summer but then she also stays used to going to school and the routines there too. Frankly, she loves school right now and they do so much that I think she gets bored staying home with me some days!

Ellie turned 15 months old last weekend and is becoming more fun everyday. She runs, she does things purposefully silly to make us laugh, is talking up a storm and repeating most anything we ask of her and understands most everything we say to her. It's so awesome and Brian and I are enjoying this fun stage! She now has 6 teeth and so far they have all come in in pairs of two at the exact same time! She has four on the top and two on the bottom. She continues to be very interested in breastfeeding still although if busy enough she will forget about it until she gets sleepy. I'm okay letting her wean when she wants, so we'll keep going until she let's me know she's ready. She remains a little peanut, weighting 18lbs, 4 oz last week when I weighed her at my doctor's appointment. So, small but definitely healthy and progressing well!

I think I'll try to get more photos in the next couple of entries and not worry so much about the words that go with it. Enjoy the pictures of some of Ellie's summertime antics!