Monday, May 5, 2008

First Haircut

Ellie got her first haircut this past Saturday! She has been bald forever but her hair has finally started growing really well and she was starting to look like a "ragamuffin" no matter how often we brushed her hair! She has beautiful curls in the back too but sometimes they straighten up and just hang there which makes her look like she has a mullet!! She has gone with both Brian and I to get our hair cut and both times our respective hairdressers gave her "pretend" haircuts. Mainly just washing or wetting her hair and then putting her in the chair while they blow-dried and combed it. She loved it though so we knew she wouldn't be scared when it happened for real. We took her to our local "Kiddie Kuts" place for the first haircut to make it more fun and special. She picked a race car to sit in and of course choose her favorite "Finding Nemo" to watch on the little t.v. at her station. She could have cared less what they were doing to her hair, she just wanted the lady out of her view of the movie! Notice the "TV stare" look on her face while she is getting her hair done!! It turned out nice-she still has her curls and her hair looks cute even when it isn't brushed. Such a big girl!! I put the pictures in chronological order: a few before, some during and the two on the bottom are after. So pretty!!!


Ellie is 2 years old!! I can hardly believe it. They always say time flies and it is so true. All those cliche's about children growing up seem to be. I can remember when . . .

Ellie was so excited about being two. She's really been into birthday's lately and we've had many to celebrate. She especially loves watching her first birthday video from this blog and we watch it over and over again with her smiling so big and clapping at the end each time. We've also been working on getting her to show her age with her fingers. At first we had to do it for her but she had it down pat by the time her actual birthday came about and will proudly show anyone who asks her how old she is.

We had a casual, low-key birthday. She took cupcakes, treat bags and Finding Nemo hats/blowers to school to share with her friends and then after school we met some family members at our favorite neighborhood park for pizza and cake. It was nice to just visit and let the kiddos play to their hearts content. The weather was just perfect and we stayed until dark, Ellie playing in the sandbox with some new friends she had made that evening. A perfect day to celebrate our precious girl!

Enjoy the photos and video!