Monday, June 16, 2008


Early in the Spring I went to a local church's kids sale and picked up a lot of great clothing and other items for the girls. While there, I found a baggie with four little rag babies in it for $2.00. They were too cute to pass up for that price and I figured Ellie would enjoy them. She LOVES these babies!!!! She quickly named them Ryan, Sarah, Perrin and Maggie. Why those names? We had just been to Chillicothe a few weeks before to visit our friends Chuck and Meva who were in town with their triplets (click here for their blog) and Ellie really enjoyed the visit. Up until this visit, all babies were Maggie only so this was a big honor to the Kennedy triplets and the funny thing is these babies still have those names and Ellie really knows who is who. These babies come along almost everywhere with us and Ellie will play with them and sing songs with them, etc. My favorite thing is that she attaches their little hands (they have Velcro on them) and plays Ring a Round the Rosie with them. Too cute! Lately Ellie has been sharing these babies with Maggie and we will often find Mags with a stack of babies all over her as Ellie has "shared" them with her.

With all this playing and travels, these little ones get dirty so recently when we went to the laundry mat to do a lot of loads at once we stuck them in with the laundry. Elie found it hilarious to see her babies in flipping around in the little "windows." I took these photos because I thought they were so funny. If you look in the first window you will see that the Ryan baby (purple pants) is mooning us! In the second photo I had taken the laundry out of the dryer and was wheeling it to the folding table when I noticed that Perrin was trying to escape, rock-climber style, out of the basket while poor Ryan had lost her purple pants entirely as it modestly covering up her "privates!" You may not find it as amusing as I did but I had to share it anyways!

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