Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Bug Story

Ellie loves tiny things, whether they be creatures or just small items. She sees them and her voice gets very high pitched and sweet as she scoops it into her cupped hands and croons lovingly "oooh, you're/it is such a tiny little ___________ <---you fill in the blank"
Anyway, I was giving her a quick shower tonight instead of a bath and as she stepped into the tub we noticed a very tiny beetle bug of some type. She immediately scooped it up and told me it was just a tiny little baby bug and wanted to know if she could keep it. I told her we could put it into a cup to look at it after her bath. She excitedly talked about her baby bug throughout her shower and could not wait to be done to be with her bug again. She got out and I told her I thought we needed to get the baby bug outside so she could find her mommy. She insisted that it was not a baby but a mommy bug who had baby bugs and a mommy and daddy and family all outside waiting to find her. I let her carry it around for a little while and she stared and stared at it and would occasionally pick it up to look closer (poor bug!) At one point she said to me with fear and on the edge of crying "mommy, I think my bug is dead!" I assured her it was not and she looked in and said rather panicky, "mommy, I think it is missing some leg-is" I somehow got the little bugger to move to reassure her and told her I would take a picture of her and her bug before letting it go. So we took a photo which is below and you can see how truly proud she is of her bug (it's the larger black speck in the bottom of the cup, the tiny black speck is some of the unfortunate missing leg-is!) We then carried it to the door where we let it go into the dark, frigid night. She was so proud and happy with herself and I was proud of her too for being so good to our littlest creatures. And although the poor little bug had a rather rough ending to it's life and is probably none to happy to be outside tonight after having legs go missing-she meant well and I'm giving her credit for that!

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