Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Walk this Way!

So Miss Maggie has been a busy little thing! We thought Ellie was an active baby but Maggie has given her big sister a run for the money. She never sits still! She has been crawling forever and has been cruising for awhile now too so we've been waiting for her to walk for at least a month and she has finally found her feet! She's definitely a beginner at this point but over the weekend she started walking more than crawling so she's pretty much got it and prefers it over other modes of getting around. Since she is still so tiny (but definitely not skinny if you have held her you would know!) we are hearing the all too familiar comments from strangers about her size and ability and questions about her age and whether she was a preemie. We answered those a million times about Ellie and seems like they just stopped (although we do get them every now and then still about Ellie) and now it's begun again for little Miss Maggie. She is the sweetest little baby around and has the best personality. She is so laid-back and just goes with the flow and is definitely not high maintenance. We thought similar thoughts about Ellie but now realize how much a diva Ellie was compared to Maggie. We drag her everywhere and she is quite happy. She loves her big sister and laughs and laughs at everything she does. She does have a temper and if you happen to make her mad she will let you know in no uncertain terms that she is not happy but most of the time she is just a joy and we love her to pieces! Enjoy a few cute photos of Mags and some videos too. (I'll have to do the videos later, it's not working at the moment . . . stay tuned!)

Sister Act

First Steps (not the actual first ones but some of the first!)

Maggie's tricks

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