Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Back!

So obviously I've had no time to keep this up. It's on the bottom of a long list of priorities these days although I really want to keep you up to date on Ellie and Maggie. In addition to just being busy with two kids, house, husband and work I have also started working on my masters using the online program from Indiana Wesleyan University. It's nice to do it online and I'll be done by next January but it is a LOT of work and a lot of busy work that must be done everyday so needless to say it is not much fun and takes up the last remaining free minutes I had in my day. I'll try better to keep this updated and hope you will resume checking back every now and then to look for changes. Enough about me, this blog is about Maggie and Ellie!! I'll write some more later but for now here is a family pic from the Kettering tree lighting ceremony last Friday. It was FREEZING and we were only able to be out for a short time but it was pretty and the kids loved it.

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