Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Potty Time!

Well despite the laziness and non-motivation of her parents, Ellie if for the most part potty trained. We are excited for her but must admit that the newly potty-trained stage is hard. She goes days without accidents but then will out of the blue pee all over everything. School requires we have 6 pairs of panties and at least one complete change of clothing on their hooks at all times, including a pair of shoes. I cannot tell you how much extra laundry this has made while she perfected her art but as far as potty-training goes she was a quick study. Brian and I are trying to feel good about this but do admit that diapers just feel easier for us. I hate public potties and have become even more grossed out trying to fit a tiny little bottom safely and cleanly on the public toilet seats. Ellie has no inhibitions and just grips onto the seat no matter where or what condition and I am trying hard not to bring her into my phobic ways so I just have to take deep breaths and be sure I help her wash her hands really well. She looks so cute in her little panties (pull-ups make up good hats!) and she is so proud of her big-girl self so we are happy for her and proud too!

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Sarah said...

Hi! It's Sarah. WOW! Ellie is getting so big, and she has so much hair! I almost didn't recognize her in the first picture! Can't wait to see you all this weekend! Have a good week!